Montessori Method

About the Montessori Method

child learning
Montessori students learn to think critically, work collaboratively, and act boldly. This is a skill set that is beneficial in the 21st century!

The Montessori philosophy is based on a profound respect for each child as a unique human being. Our approach assumes that children are born intelligent, curious, creative and are ripe to develop a sense of wonder and imagination. The goal is not to control, but to inspire our children to learn voluntarily. In its essence, Montessori is designed to teach children to think deeply, to think for themselves and to think about others. We believe that learning how to think for oneself (in effect, learning how to learn) will get a child through both school and life.

Maria Montessori believed that children are natural learners and little teachers. Children work for the joy of the process rather than for the end result, and children are excited and energized through work. A child may repeat activities over and over until an inner need is fulfilled.