Why AMI?

What makes the AMI education process so unique is that we target our work toward understanding the whole child, including needs and development. This leads to a much stronger self awareness, even with the teacher. The Montessori material is, as well, studied intensively!

Over 700 hours, divided between lectures, presentations, discussions, material development, laboratory work, etc., guarantee that knowledge is cemented.

The students write and illustrate their own albums. The albums become reference books, “gold mines”, for the rest of their lives.

A Montessori teacher constitutes a part of the environment which is so important for the child. The teacher must be prepared so that he/she is not an obstacle in the child’s development. An AMI education takes care of the process of becoming a “montessorian”. This can happen only through close contact with the students during the education process over an extended period. AMI courses are available for different age groups (0-3, 3-6,6-12) and have different lengths and structures.

For more information on the AMI, please visit www.montessori-ami.org.